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YA Project - Complete

For Birchwood High School junior Nan Parker, Connecticut life is pretty amazing.  An honor-roll student working part-time at the town’s most popular and quirky restaurant, Wayward Hearts, Nan is saving her paychecks to help fund her college dreams.  When she isn’t hanging out with Instagram darling and unfiltered best friend Cat, Nan is blissfully coupled with handsome football player Hunter Redmond.  As the school year begins there is much to look forward to, but by the time autumn fades, Nan’s life is thrown a huge curveball, upsetting everything that had been so neatly in place just a short time before.  Nan’s friends rally around her during this time of turmoil, but their support has unexpected repercussions.  That winter Nan becomes Cat’s reluctant plus one for Birchwood High’s huge fundraiser.  There Nan crosses paths with adorably awkward and sweet Alex Logan, an artsy prep-school boy who is everything Hunter was not.  The last thing Nan wants is another relationship, but as undeniable sparks build between her and Alex, she begins to realize that superheroes aren’t only found in the pages of a comic book!