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Throwback Thursday Book Review

Favorite books from my childhood are as dear to me as old friends!  Check back soon as I revisit another classic.


Picking a favorite Curious George book would be like picking a favorite child.  There are so many good ones.  There’s the one where George flies a kite; the one where he rides a bike, and another where he gets a medal.  For me though, there’s one that rises to the top of the list.  Hands down, it’s Curious George Goes to the Hospital.  I don’t know why it moves me so much.  Perhaps it’s because it so perfectly captures the atmosphere of a children’s hospital in the 1960s right down to the nurses’ uniforms, or it might just be because it’s proof positive that there’s a little bit of George in all of us.  I could completely relate with George eating that puzzle piece; I remember being a little kid and thinking that it really did look like candy.  I probably would have tried eating it too.  I remember welling up over the scene where George is admitted to the hospital and the man with the yellow hat has to leave him for the night.  When George sits there in his little hospital bed and cries, I was right there with him.  Who can’t relate to feeling abandoned by someone we love, if only for a little while, and for our own good?  By the time we reach the end of the story, all is right with George and the world once again.  When I read this book again years later with my own kids, I have to admit that the adult me cringed a little bit at the thought of handling a puzzle piece that was once inside my stomach.  My children, however, thought it was cool.  Thanks for the memories, George.  You’re the best.