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"Sweet" Life Lesson

October 26, 2018

Life’s supply of lessons seems endless, even when those lessons come in the form of a simple candy display.  I ran into a grocery store today to swoop in and pick up a container of almond milk.  The store was decorated for a fall, and off to one side of the entrance, there was a display of bags of Halloween candy stacked up in a grocery cart.  As I got closer, I saw that there were “paid” stickers on the bags of candy, and a sign reading “Candy for the troops.” 


My immediate thought was, oh how sweet … then I remembered … my wonderful son is one of those troop members.  My heart caught in my chest when I realized I was on a different end of that display now.  For a second, I wondered how I had arrived in this alternate universe … but then it came rushing back to me.  It seems like just a blink ago my kids were trick or treating, and now that little boy with the sweet smile wears camouflage all year long, not just on October 31st. 


I had my mom moment of missing him, and then I decided to make this a teachable moment for myself.  This was something I could do right here, right now.  It was a small gesture, but small can be powerful.  I grabbed my almond milk, and then placed three bags of candy (and a whole lot of love) into the bin.






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