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The Ginger Man Cometh!

Well, after four long months of arduous waiting, the day my daughter and I had been waiting for finally arrived … Ed Sheeran came to Mohegan Sun. So how was the show? Let me answer it this way. I’m not musically inclined, but music has always been a big part of my life. In my pre-mommy days, I was always going to a concert. In the summertime, my best friend and I spent most of our free time sitting on the LIE en route to Jones Beach, one of my favorite places to see a show. I’ve seen all kinds of artists from John Mellencamp to Michael Bolton (no hate, people … he’s great live) to Bon Jovi to Kiss and my beloved Journey. (And to be clear, I saw the real Journey with the magnificent Steve Perry on vocals, not the fake Journey that tours these days.)

So with all the shows I’ve seen, the bar was set pretty high for Ed. How did he do? He not only raised the bar, he grabbed the bar, snapped it in half and threw it away. The show was mind-blowing. And what’s more incredible for those of you who have never seen him perform is Ed Sheeran is a one-man-band. The entire show consists of Ed, a guitar and his loop pedal. The only other human to enter the stage is the fleet-footed roadie who comes out after every song to swap out Ed’s guitar. Ed’s vocals were pitch-perfect and he moves from acoustic masterpieces to busting into a rap to bringing you to tears with emotion and never misses a beat. And he does it all with his sweet, cherubic face permanently wearing a huge grin. Ed did all the hits from A Team to Sing to Don’t to Castle on the Hill to Photograph. This ginger-hair troubadour even treated us to a rare performance of Give Me Love, a song he never does live anymore because it’s so hard on his vocals. One minute we were dancing in our seats and the next minute I was wiping away tears as Ed crooned Perfect, a song that produced an engagement in the audience.

I knew the show was going to be great, but it surpassed all of my expectations. I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to see this amazing (yet incredibly humble) artist live in my home state. Ed won’t be back this way for awhile, but I’ve got plenty of his music loaded onto my iPod to keep me happy until then. If you haven’t given Ed a listen, do. You won’t be sorry.

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