• jtbelangela

Love ... and Chicken?

All you need is love … and fried chicken? Let me explain. Tonight was a beautiful summer evening in Connecticut and my walking buddy/daughter and I hit the beach for a stroll. As we came around to the point at the beach quite popular with picnickers, I saw them. They were probably in their seventies, but sturdy. He wore a seersucker shirt and crisp white linen pants; a straw fedora sat atop his silver hair. She wore a blouse and chino skirt with a stylish sunhat. They were sitting at one of the picnic tables with an adorable gingham tablecloth spread out across the table and they were enjoying dinner by the shore. In the center of the table was an American icon … a bucket of KFC. It struck me as ironic; this well-dressed cute couple was enjoying one of the simplest foods … from a fast-food place no less. But it wasn’t really the red and white bucket of poultry that caught my eye … it was the way they looked at each other. They gazed into each other’s eyes as if they were falling in love for the first time. I suppose I shouldn’t assume by their ages that they’ve been together for a lifetime, but if you ask me, you don’t get that kind of devotion overnight. I tried not to stare at them, and my daughter even tried yanking me away from them, but it was useless. I was completely mesmerized by the love story unfolding before me. It made my heart swell. I wanted to run up to them and ask if they had any secrets to such enduring love, but I just couldn’t do it. I think that kind of love is something you have to create a little at a time and pour your heart and soul into … you can’t rush it. As I turned and relented to my daughter’s request to keep moving, I took one more glance at the lovebirds. For a second I was a little put off that I was blowing my chance to get some sage love advice, but then it occurred to me … if I was sitting at that table on a perfect summer night enjoying a meal with the man who captured my heart, would I want to be interrupted? I guess all you need IS love … and fried chicken doesn’t hurt either.

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