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  • jtbelangela

Enduring Love

I got a glimpse of something magical and rare today . . . something that really touched me because the sight of it is unfortunately becoming more of a “unicorn” in our daily lives . . . I got a peek at true love. Where might this moving experience have occurred you wonder? I’ll tell you . . . I was at the mall. I know what you’re thinking . . . JT loves Valentine’s Day so much and we’re T-minus 24 hours now . . . has this chick lost her mind? Well, I might have, but I know what I saw and what I saw was beautiful. I was waiting for my kids in one of the open areas of the mall where there are a handful of tables and chairs scattered by some kiosks. That’s when I saw them. They had to be in their mid-to-late seventies, and from what I could gather, blessed with good health. He was dapper in his jacket and golf cap; she was sweet in her wool coat and silver hair that looked to be recently washed and set. They were sitting at one of the tables enjoying each other

s company with coffee, newspapers and a few scratch-offs between them. The thing that struck me the most was the look in their eyes as they engaged with each other; it was as if there was no one else in the entire mall but the two of them. Now I have no idea how long they’ve been married . . . hell, I don’t even know if they are. I have to believe it though because of the genuine affection found in their glances . . . it was enduring and pure. You could tell by the familiarity between them that they’ve been at this love thing for a long time, and they are really good at it. I tried not to stare so I slipped off to the side and hoped that I could squash the tears that were fighting their way to my eyes. They were so adorable. What this lucky couple had was amazing. Part of me wanted to run up to them and ask them how long they have been married, and what their secrets to longevity are, but they might not have appreciated my butting in on their morning. Instead I walked away and engaged in some window shopping until my kids appeared. I couldn’t help but wonder if my husband and I will be like that when we’re that age. Sure, he looks at me like I’m the only woman in the world now . . . but what about in twenty years? Thirty? More? I hope so. Maybe there are no secrets to getting it right. Perhaps when it’s right, it just is. I think my husband and I are on the right track. I picture him in a golf cap and jacket sipping his coffee with his wrinkled hand intertwined with mine. That’s a far cry from the young tanned, Harley-riding man I fell in love with all those years ago . . . but isn’t that where the true beauty comes in?