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Christmas in October????

Answer a question for me, will you? Have I recently slipped into a coma and lost all track of time? Have I somehow failed to notice that fall is over, winter has arrived and Christmas is imminent? Surely something is wrong. Perhaps I have been unknowingly transported to a “Lost-ish” alternate universe where October is over, Walt is married with children and there’s snow on the ground. No? Okay, then can someone please explain to me why the stores think it’s December already?

It was two weekends ago—October 1st to be exact—and was entering a store I frequent pretty regularly. I stopped dead in my tracks in the first aisle when I realized that there were Christmas decorations out. It was October first. As in the first day of October. Christmas is 83 long days away. Did I really need a roll of Santa wrapping paper or can of fake snow with such urgency? Hell, no. I was angry. No, I was furious. By the time I made it to the register where my favorite cashier was working, I teased her mercilessly. Apparently, while she was enjoying her day off the previous day, Santa’s little elves had visited the store. She seemed to be as thrilled about it as I was.

I wait all year for it to be autumn. I wait for the leaves, the apple picking, the crisp air. I love going into the stores and seeing pumpkin decorations and tiny scarecrows on the shelves. Is it too much to ask that they not be side by side with Frosty the Snowman? I realize that the sole goal of a business is to make a profit, but for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, can we please stop the insanity? No one wants to listen to Jingle Bells while they sit around the dining room table carving Jack ‘o Lanterns. I repeat, no one.

I guess the biggest mystery to me is why? Why are we rushing our lives away? Why do we feel the need to trample over one holiday so we can get to the next one? I won’t argue with the fact that Christmas is a lovely holiday, it is. But so is Thanksgiving, and for some people who aren’t me, so is Halloween. Why can’t we enjoy these fall rituals without the added pressures of a holiday that is 83 days away?

I am sure that there are people who won’t agree with me, but so be it. In my house, it’s October, and there won’t be any talk of Christmas until after the fun-sized candy bars, turkey and pumpkin pie have been enjoyed and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has been watched at least once. Now that my rant is over, I’m headed to the kitchen to bake pumpkin bread. Time slips by too fast as it is; I’m not wishing my fall away.

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