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  • jtbelangela

The Light Between Oceans Movie Adaptation Countdown!

I was watching a horrible made-for-tv movie last night. It was a pretty bad one, and not one of those that's so wrong it's right. This was a real rotten tomato, but I kept watching because I had to see how it ended. (Stupidly, that's how it ended.) To make matters worse, I was watching the movie live versus DVR, so I couldn't even fast forward through the commercials. After more than my share of ads for widgets, cleaners and feminine products, the television gods must have taken pity on me and gave me an unexpected surprise...the trailer for The Light Between Oceans!!!! I screamed out loud and grabbed my chest when it came on. I was so excited!

I read M.L. Stedman's heart-wrenching novel back in 2012 when it debuted and have been eagerly waiting for the movie to come out. I LOVED THIS BOOK. The story takes place in Australia in the 20s. Tom and Isabel Sherbourne are trying to piece their life back together after Tom's four-year absence on the front lines. All they want is to have a baby, but after several ill-fated pregnancies, it appears it will never come to pass. One day a boat washes ashore at the lighthouse island where Tom and Isabel are posted. The boat contains a dead man a living, breathing baby. What they decide to do in that moment, and the ripple effect that it sets off is the basis for this stirring novel. This book is thought-provoking, emotional and unforgettable. The movie opens Labor Day weekend and stars It-Girl of the moment Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender. I think they are excellent choices for Tom and Isabel. I'll be sure to buy my ticket right after I stop at Costco for a case of tissues. Who's brave enough to join me at the movies?