Writing has always been part of my life. From short stories to poetry, putting my thoughts down into words has always come naturally to me. Until recently, what I wrote was only for me, and got tucked away in journals and onto the hard drive of my computer until I figured out how and when to share my thoughts with the world.

Almost three years ago, my life received an unexpected overhaul when I became a military mother. With all the change going on at once, it seemed like the perfect time to officially put those thoughts and emotions into a different outlet, and this blog was born. Writing about my new life has been more gratifying than I ever expected.

My blogs were a wonderful source of creativity and emotional sharing for me, but what I hadn't expected was what else it would spark inside of me. One day while wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry, a story began twirling around in my brain and I knew I had to see where that idea of a story would end up.

As 2020 begins, I'm pleased to share that the little idea that began with an antique piece of jewelry has turned into a completed manuscript! This women's fiction project is a powerful piece dealing with love, loss, forgiveness and second chances.  Whether you are a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a best friend, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the pages of my book. 

So now a new journey begins for me ... getting this book from computer screen to paperback.  I feel a little like I did when I was about to become a mother for the first time - overjoyed, excited and bit scared of this new undertaking.

Here's to a brand-new chapter in my life waiting to be written! I can't wait to see what unfolds ...



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