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Books have been my passion since I was old enough to hold them up.  I always seemed to have my nose stuck in a book.  I still do!  I live for historical fiction and contemporary romance.  My love of books helped me find the other love in my life--writing.  I have been writing unofficially for years--on the backs of envelopes, on cocktail napkins, even on the back of a box of tissues while standing on line at the supermarket.  Wherever and whenever the mood strikes, I am ready to scribble down my thoughts. 


2019 is off to a busy start for me!  I now have three completed projects with several others in motion.  My first project, a work of women's fiction, is a powerful piece dealing with love, loss, forgiveness and second chances.  Whether you are a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a best friend, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the pages of my book. Start stockpiling tissues now - this one will break your heart as fast as it mends it!

To balance the drama and raw emotion in my women's fiction project, I had to dive into something light.  My New Adult novel deals with making your way in the world, finding yourself and of course, finding love!  A sweet romance, this story draws from my Bronx upbringing and my many dating catastrophes.  The protagonist will have you laughing and appreciating that one crazy best friend we all have.

My third project, and the one that was the most fun to complete, is my new YA Novel.  This funny story follows Nan Parker, a quirky teen enjoying life in a bucolic Connecticut town.  As the school years begins, Nan's life is in perfect order ... if only that would last!  This one will keep you laughing and remembering your first love!

More projects are underway and will come to completion later in 2019.  My Instagram posts allow me to put a little bit of love and romance into each day.  Life is full, but I wouldn't haven't any other way.  Here's to year of novels, blogging, writing, dreaming, and crying!




To contact JT:  jtbelangela@gmail.com